SoS024 - The Guidance of the two Prophets


The Guidance of the two Prophets given by Jesus and Mohammed

I see a path and Jesus is there to greet me and gives me a hug

I see him say, be yourself and be one with yourself and be one with others, then you will be ONE

I see him continue, let others not hide you away or you to hide others away but hide not what needs not hiding

I see him continue, there are moments when you will shudder but shudder not when others shudder too, so be strong like the sail in the wind and be ONE each day as you walk in the fields of the world

My son be and see the chaos in the world that is full of madness in people but at the same time embrace them when they greet you in kindness

Let you be YOU and let others feel the moment of your encounter and let them see what you see

I see him add; when others come near you they will feel the energy and your presence but some will be blind and it is these that need your help in each day when you travel

So go in peace and let others not judge you as there comments have less weight

I see myself walking down the path and the path turns green, like emeralds, but there is many shades of green the path is

I see myself walking down and I see a man waiting for me and he embraces me immediately, he says let love enter you now and fill the secret chambers of your heart and let it spill into the cells of your body

Dear Shazi, you are waking up like no others have woken up

Everyone is unique and you have indeed controlled the ego that mares and spoil the real person in Man

Be not in dismay but elevate yourself to the heights of mountains, you are indeed that too

Embrace me again

I see him embrace me, and inside I feel it is indeed Prophet Mohammed that has come to me

I feel loved inside and feel is might in his arms keeping me together

I see myself asking for forgiveness and yet I feel there is nothing to forgive as all is forgiven to those who aid mankind in the Creators work

I see myself melting and feel nothing inside; his embrace has melted away the madness, the sarcasm, the ego that was still left in me

I see him open his arms and kiss me on the forehead and saying, protect yourself from the harm of words given by others in their conversations but be one with your mind and you will find that it is nothing but wasted words by others

I see him continue, in everyday life you transmit a wave that is needed for people to understand through your words and even what you say

So be strong and shudder not indeed, you are going to be strengthened in the coming months to embrace the spirit that is to come

This Divine energy will strengthen you and build the strength of that energy in YOU

So continue to believe as we believe in YOU; now go

I see a warm smile in his face and wished that I could stay longer, and immediately I am back

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi