SoS023 - The Diamond Consciousness


The Diamond Consciousness

I see a path and walking towards me is Jesus, he says be aware of what is around you and hugs me

I see myself immediately in another place

I see all around me has changed, there is no path but a plain ground, as the eye can see

I see that I am alone and everywhere I look there is nothing

I see and remember the words Jesus had said to be aware

I see myself concentrating and looking in depth detail just to make sure I have not missed anything, but there was nothing

I see myself looking upwards and there are many beings or aliens of another race living, they were hovering about thirty feet in the air

I see myself looking around and everywhere above there were lots of activity of aliens

I see myself concentrating on one and he immediately notices me and comes down, he looks at me with amazement as I am small compared to him

I see his eyebrows change and the expression on his face showed he understood, he smiles and welcomes me

I see him telling me when the time is right then you too will live as we are and until then we are most welcome for you to visit

I see myself looking all around the sky and seeing so many aliens just flying around and living, I suspected

I see and notice his eyes, they were like diamonds glowing and bright

I see his hands too were different yet glowing with diamond like colour and even shimmering against the light

I see him towering about three foot or more above me and a complete physical built.

I see him telling me that it was not my time to live here and it was time to head back as Jesus was calling me

I see myself embracing the giant and almost immediately I am face to face with Jesus

I see him telling me that all aliens are not aliens but a consciousness that are a evolutionary path of all of the human race

They too evolved like humans and that is with a primitive lower dimensional mind

Then over time they evolved or we can call it their ascension, they graduated into the diamond people that they are

I see Jesus continuing saying, a consciousness that evolves is a mature and hybrid soul, because he has the spirit of the Lord within himself

This evolved soul uses the frequencies of the universe as he understands how they work

An evolved soul is able to see in depth in a variety of different ways and not only just sight alone

His expansion of knowing is like a radius of frequency a radio signal can catch

Just like a satellite that can receive signals from far a field

A person too becomes a large receiver

With this he is able to KNOW and his insight expands to

When a person spends time growing his spiritual self then he too expands in consciousness and this keeps on expanding and knowing

I see Jesus saying now rest and embrace me

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi