SoS022 - The Ten foot tall guide


The Ten foot tall guide

I see a path and Jesus is there saying to me slow down and instantly I smile and my body begins to calm too. I feel his command has instantly healed the inner part of me

I see him laughing and I laugh too with him and he says now go

I see myself walking down the path and in my mind his words resonating in my head

I see myself slowing down and calming myself and remembering not to rush

I see myself continuing down the path that is red bricked but soft to walk upon

I see myself bare footed and it feels like I am walking on a red carpet

I see myself continuing until I see a very tall man; he must be at least ten foot tall, with a humble and welcome face

I see him telling me that he is from the planet Neptune and from another dimension then the planet Earth

I see him smile as he talks to me

I see him say, ‘Shazi, I am here to introduce myself to you for I am of one of many guides in your spiritual journey, which you have bestowed upon yourself

My name is Iqramus and it means the beginning for I am your beginning of this new insight that you have developed through the sight of your soul’

I see myself continuing to listen to his soft tone

I see myself listening, ‘your curiosity and intense desire to learn the truth has led me here to you; for you gave birth to me from your intention through the mind

When a person continues to think of the same thing over and over again, the universe bows to his command of thought; so I am the result of your thought of desire to know the planets and beyond

I am here as your protector and your guide

You may not see me but I will be at your side wherever you go; you may not call me but my duty is towards you

I see myself smiling and I ask, show me your planet, for which he replies gladly

I see myself holding his hand and we instantly enter a portal of space and immediately go through this tunnel that whirls all around me

I see myself coming to a marbled floor that has diamonds in them, I realise that this is a special place and I ask Iqramus, where we are

I see him saying, that Man has calculated the size of the planet incorrectly and it is much larger; and that we were in his house for he was a leader of his people too and family

I am puzzled by his answer but he continues to explain

I see him adding, your intention was to meet another family from another planet, so we were instantly birthed from your desire to know

I see that there is a garden and very tall children playing and running around they too look like humans, yet a little different, but a lot taller

I see myself concentrating on them and seeing there play, as they run around the garden, it made me smile and feel happy inside

I see myself turning to Iqramus and him saying you can visit anytime and see

I see myself entering back with him through the portal and where we had started

I see he is by my side and I feel happy and welcomed

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi