SoS021 - The Divine Path


The Divine Path of Birthing Flowers as I Step

I see a path and it is covered in a jungle vine, it is beautiful

I see Jesus and he embraces me and kisses me on the forehead

I see myself smiling and honored to be in his presence

I see him pointing down the path and I venture forward

I see the path again to have a closer look; the vines are part of a path and have small leaves coming from them

After a few steps the vines birth flowers as I pass by

I feel it is their way to say hello to me
I see myself looking down and the flowers birthing immediately from no where, and each time they are of a different colour and variety

No flower is the same

I see myself stopping and sitting down, to enjoy the path and its flowers

I see myself picking a flower, which instantly grows bigger and its petals are the size of my hand

It is like a rose but different, each petal has three colours blended in, from the bottom to the top of the flower

This flower had shades of bright pink, melded into a blue and bright red all in and each flower petal

I see myself hearing a call, someone was calling me, I lift my head up and to see the direction

I see myself walking down the path happily and the flowers keep birthing but with more flowers coming out the vines

The path is soft in touch like walking on velvet and there is a floral smell every where

The see myself continuing along the path and I feel that I am being bathed and cleansed in this floral scent that is everywhere

It permeates inside my body and emits the waste which is inside

I see myself stopping for a moment to let the body be cleansed and there are flowers at my feet, which continue to birth from thin air

I see myself being completely immersed in this scent and it smells so nice

I see the flowers and scent disappearing and I feel totally cleansed; my hair nails and complexion has changed to a refiner shade then before. My face too I feel is glowing

I see myself turning around and see that I am back where I have started

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi