SoS020 - The Emerald threaded Gold


The Emerald threaded Gold inlaid Shawl of my Mother

I see a path and Jesus greets me with a hug and says go on

I see a different path then normal, yet the same, but my instincts tell me otherwise

I see myself walking happily down the path looking for a treasure

I see Jesus behind me saying focus and be happy wherever you go and what you do

I see myself smiling and waving to say okay

I see myself turning around back on the path yet it has changed completely, it is bricked, like marbled floor yet it is like mother of pearls glow and effect

I see myself staring at the marbled path and walking slowly and admiring the beauty and shine

I see myself looking up and I see a door in front of me that opens automatically and walk through

I see a different scene and there are four houses in the distant around is a valley with flowing river, each house is separated with acres and acres of land

I see myself deciding to go to a house but thinking which one and it was impossible to go to all of them

I see myself choosing a house in the distant and immediately I start to fly there and approach at the front door

I see the door it is marbled like mother of pearl glow and the outlined with jewels

I see that my instinct telling me that the jewels are there as an identity of the persons status and quality and what he has done in his life

I see lights and coming out of the door and gold at the sides of the inlay of the door

I see myself touching the door and feeling the jewels and the door opens automatically

I see my mother smiling at me and says, what took you so long and why did you take so long deciding to see me

I see myself smiling and go over and give her a big hug

I see she gives me her shawl to wear and they radiate light which absorbs into my body

I see my mother wrap it around my shoulders and say, wear it with pride and you will know what to do with it, when the time comes

It will stay with you and everyday of your life; it is a garment that you will wear spiritually

Others will not see it but the true will recognise the signature that will unfold in you

You are a new person as you leave these doors and mature too

These are my gifts that I give to you so be happy that your are sharing with me

I see myself smiling and hug my mother again, and I see myself wanting to go immediately to see what the shawl would do for me in my life

She laughs with approval and says go now

I shed a tear and it falls of my face and turns into a rose and my mum catches it and wears it on her clothes

I see myself leaving and wanting to go back to my path which I immediately do

I see Jesus waiting for me and smiling and saying, a beautiful shawl you have what beauty and sparkle, look at it

As I do it is embroidered with gold threads and emerald threads with diamonds

It shines like a bright light and it connects with the universal truths

My insight has told me this

I see the shawl permeating with my skin and then vanishing inside of me

I see that it is a part of me and my BE-ing-ness

I see that I am proud and happy, Jesus smiles and say you have deserved this

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi