SoS019 - The Multi-coloured


The Multi-coloured lights in the Lake

I see Jesus and we greet like old friends

I see him point ahead and in the distance I see a lake

I see myself on a path heading for the lake

I see myself going very fast and the lake is more visible then before

I see the lake in front of me and I stop

I see the colours of the water is changing from blue to indigo to deep purple then black then white then yellow then orange and back to the start again

I see shining lights coming towards me and surrounding me from the lake

I see myself going into the lake

I see myself being immersed in the water, but I can breathe

I see the colours whirling around me and washing me down

I see myself floating around the water and being unafraid

I see myself rising above the water and back onto my path

I see myself being completely dried and revitalized

I see myself being clear in my mind and thoughts being purified

I see the lake and admire the colours

I see the water rise and make a hand and wave to me and I wave back

I see myself going back where I started

I see that my journey has finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi