SoS018 - The Colourless Aliens


The Colourless Aliens

I see a path and Jesus is there to embrace me and hands me a glass of water to drink

I see myself drinking it all and say thank you

I see myself being lifted all of a sudden and start hovering

I see myself whizzing away as soon as Jesus says go

I see myself going along the path at a high but safe speed

I see the path is long but I am making short of the journey

I see myself saying time is nothing here just an illusion

I see that I am still going down the path

I see I stop at a glass type door

I see myself hovering down and onto to the path

I see and touch the glass door and it feels solid, I push it open

I see different types of people in a very big city

I see that they are colourless and see through

I see that they are wearing no clothes but have a see through skin

I see that they are almost invisible and are shimmering, I feel my eyes are deceiving me

They appear and then disappear all of a sudden

I keep focused on one person and see him walking down and he seems to disappear for a while then appear again

I see that they are a different type of race all together but the main features are still human, with hands and feet

I see that the place too is colourless and the building too appear and disappear but remain in their places

I see that they cannot see me but I can see them

I see many people going about their business and my mind is still surprised by their unusual appearance

I see myself hovering again back through the door and going back

I see myself whizzing very fast where I had started

I see that my journey has finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi