SoS017 - The Wiseman


The Wiseman

I see a path and Jesus is there to greet me with an embrace

I see him saying, you have rested well, now go ahead with love

I see myself in awe of him and smile back and walk along the path

I see myself being free and happy and ready for what is about to happen or might not happen

I see myself walking along still happy within

I see myself walking along the path until I see a winding and twisting path, that goes up and around, it is beautiful

I see it is long but it does not bother me anymore and immediately as I think this, the scene changes

I see I am in a desert and there is a palm tree with dates hanging of the branches

I see it is heavy laden with dates and it looks majestic

I see a man sitting down who gets up and embraces me

I see him saying come and sit down with me, I sit with him

I see him offer some dates from the tree, they are the size of a finger and look inviting

I see myself taking the date and eating it and immediately a tingle like a current flows through my body

I see myself being cleanses deeply and an awareness is opening up

I see myself saying, I understand and I repeat this several times

I see the wise man saying, what do you understand

I see myself replying, I need to empty what I know, for what I know is not enough for where I want to go

I know not enough for it is blinding me for where I want to go. I need to empty and SEE fully

I am aware the need to let go of all emotions and feelings for they still linger in my mind for others and loved ones

Having deep attachments is no good for me for they drain my energy deeply and will leave me empty

I see the wise man saying what else

I see myself saying, all what I have learnt I need to apply to complete the circuit of life and apply it to my everyday life so spreading this new energy to the planet

I see the wise man saying, you see Shazi you are a generator that spreads light which is needed through your words

It is these words people will absorb the lights of knowing and open up

This must be a part of your everyday life for it helps others and yourself

The balance in man is through knowing there part of life that is hidden away from their own eyes

They need to believe this is a higher frequency and above the eyes that you use in everyday life

For this sight only exist in the higher plains of existence

This journey too you have to travel like everyone else

To see is your quest so refine YOU and you will SEE

I see myself thanking the wise man and he embraces me again

I see him filling my pockets with dates and we depart

I see that I am back where we started

I see Jesus nodding his head and a voice inside my mind telling me, do you understand now

I see that my journey has finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi