SoS016 - The Flowing River of People


The Flowing River of People

I see a path in front of me but see Jesus far away

I see him waving and beckoning to come my way

I see myself walking down the path

I see it is muddy and difficult to walk

I see myself stop and wonder why the path is so muddy

I see my shoes are covered in mud

I see myself look up and see where Jesus is, he still waves me over

I see myself carrying and feeling down, but I carry on

I see myself looking down to watch where I am going

I see call out to say, look ahead and not down

I see myself looking up and being confident

I see myself, thinking it does not matter will wash my shoes later

I see myself focusing on Jesus

I see myself forgetting about the mud and striding more towards him

I see myself getting closer and closer

I see myself arriving then I see that he has disappeared

I see myself looking around, wondering where he is

I see a stool, a very small one, not big enough to sit on

I see myself being puzzled, but compelled to stand on it, and I do

I see myself standing on the stool and looking down into a river

I see it is different in colour yet still bluish

I see the river flowing quite fast but not fast

I see the river has something inside the water

I see that I cannot make it out

I see myself still looking in the river and out from the water are people

I see they are flowing down the river, but they are smiling and not worried

I see that I am puzzled but not worried about the people

I see that I am stepping down and turn around

I see myself facing Jesus and he is smiling

I see that my shoes are clean

I see that I am back where we started

I see that my journey has finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi