SoS015 - The Emerald Path


The Emerald Path

I see myself looking at me

I see Jesus smiling besides me

I see my face and it is looking back, but it is getting younger

I see my skin colour changing, the texture the tone

I see my lips getting younger and my eyes too

I see Jesus say ‘now go little one’

I see a path open up, which is different then before

I see it unfold like a hidden path

I see it is green, like emerald green

I see green everywhere along this path

I see when I walk the path radiates energy and healing

I see I am barefooted and the green emeralds are going rising through my feet and into my BE-ing

I see that I am slowly turning green, but I am not afraid

I see that I have stopped as I see a circle

I see it is in front of me hovering, a blue circle, turquoise in colour

I see it is hovering but I am puzzled

I see that I am staring at the circle and then notice it has eyes

I see that they are kind eyes and they give a warmth feeling in me

I see I am still looking at the circle and notice my body has turned back into my original self

I see the circle come nearer and circle around faster and faster

I see it is like a whirlpool and I am in the centre

I see it continue to circle fast around me

I see my hairs of my body tingle

I see my hairs rise up

I see it slowing down and stopping then disappearing

I see myself feeling tired a little

I see myself recover and be back at my path

I see Jesus waiting for me

I see him being pleased and he embraces me

I see and feel warmth generated by his hug

I see that I am back where we started

I see that my journey has finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi