SoS014 - The Diamond Door


The Diamond Door

I see a Path and Jesus says let the flames heal you

I see my path filled with flames ahead

I see Jesus telling me to walk through them

I see Jesus following ahead and it encourages me to go ahead too

I see him disappear and I am alone in the flaming path

I see it does not burn me but is soothing

I see myself continuing along the flaming path that does not burn

I see myself continuing to walk down and the flames begin to change into different colours

I see myself confused thinking what to expect, I keep walking until I come to a door

I see it is not a door but a type of a door made of diamonds

I see it is made of a single diamond, which shocks me in amazement

I see myself touching the door which is cool to the touch

I see the diamond door does not open

I see it is my target for the future

I see myself realising that it is giving me wisdom and it s the energy of my heart, that I see in front of me.

I see myself kissing the diamond and begin to embrace it

I see that I am back where we started

I see that my journey has finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi