SoS013 - The Shining Star


The Shining Star that belongs to ME

I see a boat on my path and Jesus is inside

I see him smile and he helps me in

I see him get out of the boat and says ‘you will be fine, now go’

I see myself settling down in the boat

I see the boat smoothly lift up and hover over the path and start moving

I see it is a very comfortable ride and wonder where the boat is going

I see stars as the scene changes around me very quickly

I see brightly lit stars in the dark sky all around me

I see that I am being called by one particular star in the distance

I see myself being attracted to this star and the boat moves into hyper drive

I see that I am whizzing through the dark sky very fast arriving to a little star

I see the star is the size of my palm

I see the pointed points of the white diamond like star

I see that I mind is confused, thinking it would be a planet

I see that the star is ME and is a part of me and is for me

I see that I am still looking at the brilliance of the star and looking how beautiful it is

I see and keep looking then as I gain in courage I touch the star

I see that it feels like a liquidy texture and it begins to absorb into me

I see it is tingly and fun and makes me giddy and laugh

I see myself smiling and feeling happy all of a sudden

I see myself playing with the star

I see myself wanting the star to keep

I see it move closer and closer until it goes into my chest

I see that it imbeds into my heart and I can feel its bright intensity on me

I see myself being happy and honoured and stop for a moment to feel its energy again

I see the boat turn around and whizz back where we came from in a second

I see that I am back where we started

I see that my journey has finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi