SoS012 - When I turned


When I turned into a Pine Tree

I see a path and Jesus is there to greet me

I see him walking beside me along this path

I see him and I am humbled that he is with me

I see him point to a window in the distant

I see myself making my way towards it

I see myself getting closer and closer until I look into the window

I see a pine forest

I see only a pine trees and no other, but it is beautiful and I can smell the aroma they are giving off

I see myself absorbing there scent within me

I see myself inhaling and exhaling, breathing the scent in a rhythm

I see myself changing within as though the pines are taking over my body

I see my cells changing internally as the scent begins to spread all around the body

I see myself that my skin too is changing colour and as I smell my hands they too smell like the pine trees

I see my hair growing longer like branches of a tree

I see my feet give root and into the ground

I see myself a complete tree swaying in a gentle breeze

I see myself slowly transforming back into myself

I see myself at the start of the path

I see I have finished my journey.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi