SoS011 - Future Events


Future Events

I see a path it is lit with a light from above

I see Jesus we embrace and he smiles

I see him saying me not to let my fears, unsureness overcome me

I see him saying me be in the light at all times and be positive

I see him saying me that people will pull try to pull me down with their own negative comments but stay away from them

I see him saying me to associate with those people who elevate my soul and those who believe

I see him saying me that people who believe in these times will make better friends

I see saying me that there is need to awaken more souls to the light

I see him saying that more events in my life are to unfold and some may require firm decisions so make them with confidence and leave the rest with belief in your heart

I see him saying people in our lives come and go so be not attached to them but accept them as a learning part of your path

I see him saying there will be some who will stay with you, so you are not alone

I see him saying be the observer and view the world and its happenings as a scene from many scenes of people’s lives

I see him saying that economy will decline all around the world so be on guard and help people when you can

I see him embracing again and I have finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi