SoS010 - The Routines of life


The Routines of life

I see a path and Jesus is there to greet me and we do

I see him smile and he embraces me, telling me not to worry

I see him pointing down the path and I go down as directed

I see a chair on the path and I am puzzled

I see that there is no one around, as I look side to side

I see several minutes has gone by and nothing has happened and I am tired of waiting

I see myself sitting down, then immediately the scene changes

I see a movie and scenes of images of people in their daily life

I see people gong to work and living in their routines

I see a person is shouting out to them but they cannot hear

I see people doing chores, errands and jobs and are busy

I see many people who continue to call out there name and say look over here, but there is no response

I see many people do exactly the same thing over and over again, yet know nothing about themselves

I see a person who is unhappy yet he does not make an effort to change things

I see him come back the same day to do the exactly same things he does not like

I see a person call out his name, yet he does not respond as he cannot hear

I see many people around the world as the scenes from one to the other

I see myself calling out to them, telling them to stop and listen, but they cannot hear

I see myself feeling sorry for those people, they seem lost

I see a person who is happy for he has made changes to keep him happy and he responds to the calls of others, when the voice of his inner guidance calls

I see myself back to the path where I started

I see that I have finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi