SoS009 - The Journey through Space


The Journey through Space

I see a path and Jesus is smiling and waving at me

I see ourselves greeting and been ushered to go on the path

I see a door in front of me and I look puzzled as there is nothing to open the door with

I see myself looking back to see Jesus, who smiles and points to the door

I see the door has a knob, I open and go through

I see a vehicle gliding from the ground

I see myself getting in and wonder where it may go

I see myself being confused and I thought that I always wanted a tour of the planets

I see myself been speeding along the path

I see the vehicle going towards space

I see the stars and I am amazed at the sights and the beautiful colours

I see different coloured stars that were not visible from earth

I see huge planets and I orbit around so many of them

I see my thoughts controlling the vehicle, from my desires

I see a tiny planet at a distance

I see the vehicle immediately going towards it

I see it is not a tiny planet as we get closer but an enormous one

I see moons orbiting around the planet

I see we hover around the planet as I look and see the colours of the planet

I see oranges, reds and even greens below, I wonder what they could be

I see trees and deserts and lands and water below as we go through the outer atmosphere

I see many trees of all sizes, some the size of mountains and trunks the size of houses

I see in delight at the specter as I absorb such beautiful sight of flowers blooming where ever I looked

I see the vehicle shooting back into space

I see the vehicle going back to the path and the same door

I see myself going back where we started

I see that I have finished for the day.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi