SoS008 - The Multicoloured Jewel


The Multicoloured Jewel

I see Jesus standing beside me
I see him giving me a stone
I see it is not a stone but multicoloured jewelled
I see embrace him and I am overjoyed
I see him ushering me forward onto the path
I see myself putting the jewel in my pocket and walking down the path
I see the path changing in colour from all the colours and shades of blue
I see a portal it is circular
I see myself going into the portal and to the other side
I see a house it is very big
I see many windows and doors
I see it belongs to me
I see myself going inside and looking through the rooms which are all beautifully decorated
I see myself sitting down in admiration
I see myself admiring the rooms different colours
I see that there is another door which is different
I see myself opening the door but it is locked
I see myself recognising that there are still many levels I have to achieve to open this door
I see myself giving myself a target to open this door
I see a heart, a red heart encrusted with diamonds on the door
I see myself looking and absorbing the beauty and light shining outwards
I see it is going inside of me
I see myself changing inside and feeling sleepy
I see and feel the changes within me as it transforms my cells
I see myself going out of the house
I see my path
I see Jesus smiling and being happy
I see that I have finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi