SoS007 - The Birth


The Birth

I see a path and Jesus greets me with a hug

I see him pointing for me to go in the right path of many paths

I see myself walking down happily knowing something will happen

I see myself still walking until I meet a man

I see we both greet each other; his name is Ajnor

I see him asking why I am here, I reply to open my spiritual mind

I see him raise his eyebrows with astonishment then break out with a smile

I see him telling ‘Life begins here, this is the origin of the spirit you have come and only a select few are allowed in this realm. I am here to explain that to you, so listen carefully without interference.

The spirit, by the command of the Lord, stay in this zone and they wait for a parent soul to go to on earth. However, this is true but partly as other spirits too goes to different planets from this zone.

This holding area is for the transitional period when the spirit receives its instructions for its journey. It is like a down load and it is given a complete language and directions for its entire journey through all the realms of existence.

So it is not just Earth for example but for its entire lifespan of the spirit. This is the same for any spirit been born here.

This spiritual birth is very important because it also finds its identity and its attributes and knowledge.

It begins to practices uses the knowledge and attributes given to build its experiences and knowing. This knowing is essential for it to record in its life akashic record, which is important for its existence.

The spirits are given various tasks which is predominantly the same for all spirits to use their given talents. During a period of time the spirits have enough experiences of using there given knowledge.

But it does not stop there, there are given other tasks to build upon in other realms which are partially done. This is to create the desire and yearning inside for them to learn and remember in a later part of there existence.

This is like giving an incomplete puzzle to everyone for them to complete in there own time on their life journey.

I see myself admiring his way of communication which imprinted in my chest and mind.

I see myself adding also, that you will remember greatly from now on

I see my mind expanding and knowing that it is the birth of my cosmic mind

I see myself closing my eyes and letting in a violet light into my whole body

I see myself opening my eyes to find the start of my journey

I see that I have finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi