SoS006 - The Waterfall of Lights


The Waterfall of Lights

I see a path and Jesus tells me to go forward

I see only one path

I see myself walking along quickly with enthusiasm

I see myself being happy and smiling, like a child

I see myself hurrying along as though a prize is waiting on the other side

I see scenes changing

I see a door, but it is not a door

I see a waterfall of lights as a door with a handle

I see myself marveling at the different colours

I see that I going through and being washed with colored water

I see myself continuosly being washed and the colours going inside me

I see myself changing and the colours are the cause of the change

I see that I am looking at my hands, they are younger

I see my arms and legs, and notice that I am getting younger

I see that my clothes are changing to multicoloured lights

I see light as my body

I see myself as made up of lights

I see someone at a distance

I see Jesus calling me

I see my path again and where I started

I see that I have finished

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi