SoS005 - The Waterfall in the Forest


The waterfall in the forest

I see a path and standing next to me is Jesus

I see that we greet each other and embrace

I see a tear in my eye and he wipes it off my face

I see him telling me to go

I see a path that leads to two

I see that I am going down the left path

I see myself continuing down the path

I see myself still walking down the path and I’m getting tired

I see myself still walking and getting frustrated but still carrying on

I see myself walking slowly as I am tired

I see myself thinking that is should walk back as I am getting no where

I see myself deciding to continue

I see a change of scene

I see that the path has disappeared and I am in a forest

I see it is no ordinary forest but filled with multicoloured trees and bushes

I see different couloured plants and flowers too

I see myself walking through the forest

I see at a distance water

I see it is a waterfall

I see myself walking towards it and hearing the sound of the water as it enters the pool

I see the water change in its colour but still have the colour of water too

I see myself mesmerized and seeing the beautiful sight of the colours

I see myself crying to accept to see such a sight

I see myself sitting down and just admiring the water falling down and making little whirl pools in the pond

I see myself watching the birds go down and getting a drink and fly back up again

I see myself admiring the scene in front of me

I see a voice behind me telling me its time to go back

I see myself getting up and immediately seeing the path again

I see myself walking back and immediately coming back where I had started

I see myself being happy and revitalized inside to see such a sight of beauty and wonder.

I see that I have finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi