SoS004 - Embracing


Embracing and accepting the feminine as your own Soul mate

I see a door opened and it cannot be shut anymore

I see a women standing by.....smiling at me
I see her being patient and knowing that she has a wisdom that she relies on when in need
I see her feeling confident because she knows the outcome matter what
I see her confidence growing as her will is implementing the changes
I see a point when the changes will happen
I see that point is made closer by her will
I see that she is coming closer and closer

I see time is not a deterrent but it is an illusion
I see that you will wait

I see that waiting is not hard for you

I see you smiling because you have known and known all along

I see that you have made it happen...and it will
I see a smooth transition
I see that ties mean nothing anymore
I see our ties as being more concrete
I see a wisdom that we share is worth the weight of millions
I see a golden ring
I see a golden ring we are both wearing
I see a ring but it is one ring
I see that ring we both are wearing at the same time
I see one ring
I see both of us wearing

I see one soul
I see one soul we are both in that soul
I see us walking on a path
I see a path that is golden and pearls on that path
I see the pearls are for us..a part of us
I see the pearls as wisdom when we tread on that path
I see you holding me tight to your chest
I see a transference of knowledge
I see a part of you in me opening
I see a portal opening within that we both share
I see one sight

I see one voice
I see one mind
I see one heart
I see that along this path the final meeting will be this togetherness
I see a togetherness in another deeper realm of existence
I see a wisdom that is powerful that no earthly law can be worded against it
I see a wisdom we hold
I  see a trust from God we hold
I see a seal we both have...the seal of trust

I see a knowing and within this knowing is a mind
I see you and me within this knowing
I see a hand and mine holding together
I see further paths opening according to our desire
I see this is our gift for us
I see another heart
I see a divine heart that is sealed
I see a heart that cannot be torn apart

I see you and me inside that heart
I see GOD as the glue that has sealed this heart
I see a reward of all rewards coming our way
I see further rewards coming
I see a prayer that will be answered
I see a silence talking and communicating
I see a silence that knows

I see love
I see more love opening up within

I see a hand that has a seal and it is ours
I see one hand we both have this hand

I see the same seal...none is different

I see light interchanging and fro
I see an energy

I see energy is love that binds and adheres and multiply
I see this energy circulating all around the world
I see it is our energy to teach others about love

I see a growing wave of people waking up to love
I see a chair we both are sitting

I see one chair and one seat we both share

I see a protection around us
I see a protection built on trust and faith

I see another protection of angels
I see a master who is sharing his wisdom
I see it is Jesus

I see that he is smiling

I see he is the catalyst of us being together
I see he is giving us both a key

I see one key...we share

I see one knowing but different levels we both possess
I see a task to do
I see a path we must walk on
I see a path separate then merges together
I see wisdom in two paths
I see you and I

I see a burden being less
I see a smile on Jesus
I see Jesus who is inspiring these words

I see Jesus giving me the words to type
I see that I am Jesus within

I see a portal that will open within me

I see a portal you have to open within me

I see a sharing and trust building each day

I see a mergence

I see a treasure chest

I see a chest of jewels in diamonds, pearls and golden bracelets and necklaces
I see a light that is within these jewels

I see one of a kind

I see that no one has ever worn them
I see a unique jewels laden with a seal of trust
I see it belongs to us and yet one
I see togetherness in spirit
I see a divine jewel
I see another bigger jewel
I see a crown and graduation coat

I see it is our reward
I see a smile and a wink from Jesus
I see a tear in our eyes

I see Jesus kissing our tears

I see Jesus whispering, be patient children

I see a house
I see rooms empty and yet filled
I see only the wise can see the contents on that room
I see when we enter the rooms come alive

I see cheer when we enter that room a sublime, unique divine welcome
I see a welcome only given to saints
I see that we are saints

I see a bracelet we share in each hand
I see another room that leads to other realms
I see higher realms we can go anytime we wish
I see it is a gift given to me for tolerating the hardships in the earth dimensional level

I see many rooms
I see a garden on the other side

I see huge fruits size of dinner plates
I see a fruit with our names
I see a fruit given as a present from the creator
I see that gift as unique only for saints

I see another light further down
I see it is portal that leads directly to GOD
I see him waiting and calling us down

I see HIM saying be patient with each other
I see HIM smile
I see the smile has entered deep within my spirit
I see the smile as a divine gift for inner deeper insight that has been given TODAY

I see a reward given to me
I see angels gathering around applauding

I see you next to me sharing this applause

I see a chair we sit on
I see other saints throwing their jewels at us

I see they gather within
I see they will open up inside when the time is right
I see Jesus
I see him as our guide and teacher for the rest of our existence

I see you and me
I see a goodbye
I see a us going down the realms
I see a door
I see the world

I see we have come back to the third dimensional world

I see that I have finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi