SoS003 - Opening Doors


Opening Doors to other Rooms

I see Jesus standing next to me
I see him greeting me and I greet him back
I see myself walk down a path, but this time I am not weary
I see myself coming towards a door so I open it
I see buildings everywhere being constructed as far as the eye can see
I see myself walking further and observing all the constructions going on
I see myself noticing this blue brightly lit building
I see myself walking and entering this building
I see rooms inside and each room there is a different scene
I see myself walking into a room with scenes of people and them crying
I see myself being sad too and lost with them
I see myself talking to them and consoling them
I see myself sitting down and spending time trying to alleviate their suffering
I see myself spending hours and hours with those people until I leave
I see myself going to another room where everyone is working continuously
I see myself watching and talking to them, but they do not answer
I see myself shouting at them, but they continue to work
I see myself being puzzled and not knowing why they could be so deaf
I see myself watching them work and see their routine of work
I see myself leaving
I see myself walking back to the path where I started and I finish seeing.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi