SoS002 - Divine Feminine and Masculine


Divine Feminine and Masculine

I see a path and Jesus is by my side
I see him smiling and I give birth
I see my feminine side next to me
I see that I am one soul split into two
I see that I am the masculine
I see the next soul as my feminine side
I see we are holding hands
I see Jesus ushering me along the path that branches out to other paths
I see the images change and a scene appears in front of me
I see holding my feminine side a desert so vast filled with high dunes
I see that the temperature is not hot but the sun is out
I see a palm tree and I go towards it
I see a man sitting down his back against a tree
I see him as I get closer
I see that we don’t recognise him but he smiles at us
I see us smiling back and with his hand he gently pats the sands
I see us sitting down next to him
I see him still smiling at us
I see he pulls out a flat bread from his shirt
I see it is fresh as though it was freshly baked
I see him break the flat bread in two
I see him give each a half
I see him gesturing to eat the bread as he pointed to his mouth
I see that we both like the taste and the bread is filled with raisins and dates
I see that we are both amazed by the taste
I see us finishing the bread eagerly
I see him pull out a drink and two cups from his shirt
I see him pouring each one a drink
I see that each drink is different
I see myself drinking it down with one breath
I see him smiling and pat me on the back
I see him telling us to go and wave’s goodbye
I see us back where we started and we smile to each other

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi