SoS001 - The many Paths


The many Paths that is One Path

I see a path that open out to many paths
I see Jesus smiling and waiting for me
I see him ushering me along this path
I see him as my guide and telling me to do down the path
I see many paths but decide on one path to walk along
I see when I journey down the scene changes and I enter a forest
I see very tall trees and beautiful colours of bushes and flowers
I see a flower with so many colours and I stop to look and admire
I see a centre of that flower, so big that it could be a dinner plate
I see and gaze at its centre and it births a jewel
I see a diamond, of blue colour, I am amazed
I see there is no one around and realised it was meant for me
I see a depth in this blue diamond of lights flashing inside
I see a book inside the diamond and I wish I could talk to it
I see the book opening and as I read
I see my name and I start to cry
I see it was my book and it is so beautifully kept inside a blue diamond
I see the scene changing
I see that the forest has disappeared
I see my path again
I see that I am back where I started
I see that the images have disappeared.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi