TM072 - Pure Intentions in Sacrifice


Hello Son,

Pure Intentions in Sacrifice

Every action and thought is stored in the universe as nothing is wasted. God is pure energy that never does cease, yet stays in perfect balance. His power is undeniable and His dedication towards our progress cannot be questioned either.

This is the moment we should be taking advantage of, because it is our time to move from the third dimensional, lower limitations of competition and greed to a higher fifth dimension of love and harmony; only if you desire this transition.

Before anything can happen the change and first steps towards this direction has to be made by you. Just waiting is not good enough; in fact this will have a negative effect towards the mind and make everyone lazy.

Waiting for an event to happen is not the way to self discipline.

Ceasing every opportunity in life and raising one's vibrations through prayer or meditation is wise. This is the way forward, by contemplating a higher force and practicing charity as well as performing good deeds for others, it can accelerate the vibrations.

Our lifestyles dilute energies, cause us to be unstable and stress;  this has to be addressed immediately, in order to maintain the harmony the body needs to meet and connect to the higher self.

This be assured is happening to everyone but we need still to practice.

Abraham sacrificed his son because he was asked to by God. He did not hesitate yet it was his bravery and dedication that we have to adopt in our everyday life.

It is the sacrifice by abstaining from greed and watching what we say to cause and spread love energies around the world; which is what pleases God.

You are all light beacons from others, whether you are aware or not. Your presence is vital to spread the words of God to humanity.

When others who will quiver and become uncertain, your faith will remain strong; as you have made the change.

Your mother; practice and abstain from the things that lower your vibrations and embrace the inner wisdom within.