TM069 - The Prayer


Hello Son,

The Prayer

God is everywhere as He created all things from His own life force and Divine Light. Even a speck of dust has the attributes and formulae contained in the ethers of its existence.

Look around you, behind and even up, He is everywhere.

The air that you breathe and the water that you drink to maintain life; He is everywhere.

To think of God and remember Him in your life is this not a prayer?

Even a prayer said in a whisper, He hears instantly and is stored in the fabric of space. So precious are the whispers, He treasures and returns the favour for keeping contact with and calling out to Him, by returning your wishes in this realm; otherwise in the hereafter.

The prayer is your communication which contains the love and harmony of yourself; it has beauty, and lust. So magnificent is the draw and attraction, that many spend hours in total bliss.

When the Lord answers we are ascended into another realm of existence, much higher than you think; as the Lord does not communicate in the lower realms. But he has left everything to remind you of Him.

The tree, flower and the stream flowing down the mountain, are signs for the world to learn and see His power and magnificence.

But there is another and as important, that is living, for this too is a prayer for gratitude. To use for what God has provided and by using this wisely.

Your mother; in prayer we live and abide within the parameters that God has provided.