TM068 - Man is the Master of Himself


Hello Son,

Man is the Master of Himself

Knowledge of the self is the first steps of wisdom and the path of enlightenment. This is not new as every sage and enlightened soul of the past and current times is aware of this.

The journey has always been within us.

To understand the self we begin to go down the inner road; we become enlightened and are away from the lower limitations of third dimensional thinking. Wisdom increases instantly as we enter a portal of refined light, the ego has no place in this higher realm of existence.

There is no feeling like this as a person is healed instantly when he enters a path all messengers of the past or present have gone through.

But this on path there are levels of refined wisdom, the higher the trust from the Creator, the greater the message and intensity that person can tolerate inside his body.

Secrets can be found and is transferred through this medium.

As soon as he enters back into the third dimensions, his illness worries, if any return.

The higher path, takes no visitors of third dimensional woes. It does not like or cater for any emotional baggage. So when a person successfully tunes into his self, he remembers nothing of his life, instead his focus.

It is in the focus, a person is lost in this magnificent realm of refined light and wisdom. He can communicate for hours if he wishes; it is nectar worth waiting for.

It is a voice within a voice of the mind; it belongs to the Divine spirit via the soul. Each time we tune in, it is a prayer, we listen and we may ask.

Your mother; the journey within is the most important, as God is found in these cells of wisdom and in the ethers of the higherself.