TM067 - Dimensional Sleep, why the Need


Hello Son,

Dimensional Sleep, why the Need

There are two states that the mind, body and soul resides in; one is during wakefulness and the other during sleep.

Both are completely different dimensions, which the senses are dormant from state to the other; but why is sleep so necessary?

The most common answer will be because we need the rest and process to recuperate from a days work. I agree which is true, but if the Creator has provided mankind with the necessary energy to live, why do we need to rest?

If we think about this question for a moment several other questions come to mind; for example, the Creator is infinite and his energies are also infinite, but does this mean we possess infinite energy to live through our dimensional lives?

If we answer these questions using our logic and conscious mind we will not be able to grasp the concept or in depth understanding; for this very reason we should consult the higher consciousness and the soul for answers.

The sleep state is the forth dimensional state of existence which the soul is free to roam. For this reason we dream and see scenes and images of the past and present which the soul is visiting and living out its existence.

The soul is a free spirit and does not have a body, like we do which is heavy and the very reason we cannot fly.

The sleep state is like plugging into an electric socket to recharge the ethereal body to the spirit; we can say it is a permanent connection to this source.

Words in this case are inadequate to describe the process and to avoid contradiction; nevertheless, the soul cannot be housed in a third dimensional permanent state.

Its own memories dates back from the first encounter with the Lord Creator God, for this reason it needs a permanent and constant reminder of this very existence.

During the sleep state the soul is able to visit these higher dimensions and other spirits as a constant reminder of its higher goals. We should remind ourselves that to understand God we must fully activate the mind to understand His mind and wisdom. Hence we must wake our own mind and wisdom to comprehend at an understanding level.

We will continue this at a later date.

Your mother; the sleep is the link to all higher dimensions as well as in a meditative state.