TM066 - The Heart, Mind cries out for Attention


Hello Son,

The Heart, Mind cries out for Attention

When the mind is free from the toils of the day, we can then relax and be silent and listen to our higherself, which is the inheritance given to mankind through Adam.

The energies of 2012 are having their toll on so many people all around the world. The realisation and open awareness is making many have second thoughts for a variety of issues; from work to relationships. We must not also forget the pains and pressure so many feel in their chest.

We hear your cries and ask that you be patient over this transition period. The bodily change or chemical changes in all of the cells are necessary for the upgrade of consciousness or ascension.

The third dimensional world is collapsing and things have little or no value and those that are based around corruption and greed are also collapsing.

The Creator has ordered the change.

But there is a greater need that is to be addressed, and this is the loneliness that so many feel at this time; whether you are awake or not.

Mankind are all sociable people and it is the very reason we live in societies and groups. However, due to the changes of the past decades, it has meant everyone is working and are not able to interact regularly and sufficiently.

Even phone calling has become less and less.

When one communicates with their voice energies are transferred and a connection is made at soul level. You have and everyone has this feeling when they meet a friend or family. Interaction is necessary for the sanity of the mind.

I am aware this is not true for everyone.

Nevertheless, depression and loneliness is on the rise.

The heart and mind is crying out for attention for so many people all around the world.

Your mother; where there is a need, an action is taken by the Lord.