TM065 - The Truth is beyond any Religious belief, but Combines them All


Hello Son,

The Truth is beyond any Religious belief, but Combines them All

When a person learns a subject in school, barriers in religion or race mean nothing, as we sit down to learn from the teacher.

This example of learning is almost what every person in the world has experienced. Immediately when that person goes outside the school, he/she ignores one's classmates and suddenly finds their identity in religion and race. We automatically shun the world away for what we are. Is this right or is it up to us to decide who our friends are, you cry.

Indeed the Creator has left this up to you as He is aware this matter has slowly begun to make people realise that we are all from the same Creator and gene pool we call Adam.

But we must realise that the creator has demanded the end of racial and ethnic thinking including prejudice and discrimination against others. He has demanded change and it is coming.

The spiritual community has grown and continues to grow at a rapid rate which is a testimony of the Creator's plan to unite the world and update their conscious thinking.

When we stop and think, the truth is the truth and it does not matter what the subject matter is; it combines all religious belief systems into a common aim or agenda; that is to listen.

I pray that we all use our new found wisdom and insight to break down the inner veils and into a new world of higher aspects of ourself……Amen

Your mother; combine your heart energies and anchor them down to Gaia.