TM064 - The Wealth in Belief


Hello Son,

The Wealth in Belief

When a person believes in something, his desire and interest including determination increases. Then it does not matter if he has to toil and struggle through, because he does not feel challenged and accepts that it was part and parcel of the process.

It does not matter what he believes himself, it is the intense satisfaction he feels inside, and the accomplishment and happiness it has created.

When we doubt our own ability the mind goes into overdrive of denial and truth; is this right or is it wrong which races through one's mind. If we only we could accept life’s ups and downs as a stepping stone for a better future for ourselves, through a greater understanding.

When we accept our innerself and contact with our twin flame, higher consciousness is made, we instantly increase our own faith in God and ourselves. We can easily say to ourselves that we are happy, but remember that the Creator knows you are wealthy. It is the secrets of the universal knowledge and beyond is the true wealth we take with us through all of the dimensions.

All the material things and possessions seem meaningless as they are never here for long, but the interactions with our higher and spirit guides is an amazing source to have.

It is the very reason a person who has achieved this is calmer and peaceful as a whole. They have found themselves and YOU ALL will find this harmony too, if we believe in ourselves.

Your mother; the wealth in knowledge expands and multiplies forever, it never diminishes.