TM063 - Precious Moments


Hello Son,

Precious Moments

Give a time for reflection to take stock of the situations happening in one's life; is everything going to plan or are we still muddled up and finding a way out. Often the basic needs and wants of life have to come first for satisfaction, otherwise the mind becomes fed up. We then begin to blame others; we draw situations through our own doings.

We are unaware dear ones; you are not to blame, as the tide of change is coming; where we will draw upon precious moments of old and new to give us strength.

But we are becoming aware of what is needed and the precious moments of your life are worth valuing.

Stay in the light of positivity whilst around you do not. It is you who is the catalyst of change. Whilst others fade away you will be strong, rising above the lower limitations of the third dimensional frequency.

Be the force you are and exist each day in blissfulness.

Your mother; the tides are changing, feel the flow of light in and around you.