TM062 - Stepping further and Serving Humanity


Hello Son,

Stepping further and Serving Humanity

God rewards all who give time to others and act as guides, soothsayers, wayshowers and teachers, on the way to a higher enlightened path.

It is the clouded mind in fear, depression and sorrow that clouds us all from the clarity of thinking; leaving many in a maze where some find it difficult to get themselves out. Often they feel anger at the words of peace, harmony and love. Because they have had so many testing times in life and feel very accomplished.

The tides are changing so LOOK OVER HERE and be part of this change; this is no longer the way. The path is illuminated and you can all see this illumination.

Never again stepping back will be an option yet moving forward is the best choice.

Congratulations on your achievement Shazi, your reward and trust has been truly gained from God. To receive a gift today by your Lord is well deserved.

Your mother; who continues to guides those who inspire themselves and step out on their own to serve humanity.