TM061 - Serving the Needs of your soul, your True Self


Hello Son,

Serving the Needs of your soul, your True Self

We sit and toil with our minds to find the secret within ourself, but we are only a step away from communicating with our true self; the soul and higher aspects of ourselves.

The soul was in the company of the Grand Master God in the creation of the galaxies and origin of mankind. But it's desire to experience and venture out from the paradise of heaven was far too great; and so it did.

To experience through all the dimensional realities, to find the wonder and the Mind of God, to better understand reality, all as such can be considered as foolhardy; but God thought otherwise.

It was a bold move by the seed Adam and so we have to thank him. The first consciousness that awakened to witnessed the Lord Creator. Only now it is making senses after centuries of ignorance and being trapped in a world that only lead many astray.

As more and more veils begin to lift, the pleasure in life is soon upon us and when the moment comes; everyone will smile, because they have found themselves. The soul the connection has been established, the sorrows and woes of life will be quickly be forgotten and thus will mean nothing yet simply an experience.

More words will flow to make many people realise the truth, and in only a few words.

Your mother; capture the moment and live from the heart.