TM060 - The Download of Wisdom that Illuminates the Mind to a new Insight


Hello Son,

The Download of Wisdom that Illuminates the Mind to a new Insight

We acquire many things at an instant only to be disappointed at a later date. No matter how many things we can accumulate they serve very little and often become worthless when we get fed up of them.

For this we do not have real explanation why we save up to buy this amazing thing and then lose heart over the next.

Realising that material things have little impact in our life, the lure is not satisfying in the long run.

As more and more awakened souls are realising, that yes, they can have both but not to be mentally tortured by such things; simply let things be. It is this detachment of thinking and keeping the mind free from the anxiety that is making you think clearly.

Yes you can have everything your heart desires but it is the detachment that sees through the veil of the world, which is what is lacking for some. If we live in the world and at the same time observe through our new inner sight, not to be flooded into mixed overbearing emotions; then we have truly understood our purpose in life.

Not to be totally trapped in life and not see truth waking up is a sad lose for mankind.

Yes the fruits of life are yours, but do not forget the past and now, that is unfolding before you.

There is a great purpose to wake up.

So wake up.

Your mother; see the light in yourself that the world and its senses cannot see.