TM059 - You Thought You had Nothing?


Hello Son,

You Thought You had Nothing?

Many assume that God has forgotten them and angels are serving others, as you on occasion rationalise the happenings in the now, past and present.

This is not true, you are here to live and experience and accumulate the understanding and to build the strength of wisdom. Many are beginning to realise this now and do not worry about the world, life, job, family and other thought provoking matters as before.

It is this greater belief of change, and it will come, that is keeping the excitement going. Many now are becoming aware that the first initial steps have to be our own. Then only then we have manoeuvred ourselves to the direction the soul wishes to experience further in other dimensional realities.

You are not forgotten but there are experiences that many of you need to complete before your own awakening. In some cases you are the anchor in your house.

The beacon of light that will inspire many others into believing the reality from the paradigms of the old and into the new.

Your presence is essential, as torch bearers of truth, love and happiness, there is no doubt.

Many had been continuously thinking that they have been forgotten and the feeling that others are racing ahead. Remember, the lord can accelerate a persons learning and at the same time give other experiences for him to go through.

The plans of the Lord are always partially known from our own understanding, otherwise we would stop and sit down and do nothing if we saw the full picture.

Inspiration is through action and on many times through a lot of actions, made by you.

The flow is increasing.

Your mother; watch yourself turn into the butterfly you have all come to be, now watch yourselves fly.