TM058 - Harvesting the Fruits of Knowledge


Hello Son,

Harvesting the Fruits of Knowledge

Never before has the Lord encouraged mankind to learn from their innerself than now.  The third dimensional energies are nearing their end for some, before the fifth dimensional generator kicks into action.

If we stop the chatter of the mind and think silently, we release the rewards we are receiving or about to receive, which is the direct result of our patience. Through all the many reincarnations understanding and toiling with life through the ages have reached this point.

The message is clear, we have all the need to climb the final hurdle and conquer the doubt inside our minds that we can actually move into the fifth vibrations of love, peace and harmony; bringing the end of evil, lust and greed forever.

The current scenes are going through their final plays and actions, but you have all realised that living and finding your own paths can be done simultaneously without the material world drowning you in.

Your new outlook of viewing the world in a different and peaceful outlook has meant that most of you have found this inner peace that is driving many forward.

There is no doubt you have changed.

The wisdom you have learnt is phenomenal compared to even a decade or thirty years ago; when the pace of learning we all was considered fast in those times, yet now you have achieved so far in record time.

This is the direct result and the need you all had in learning and acquiring knowledge.

The need was created and the universe provided you all the necessary things to satisfy your thirst.

Now it is time for you all to harvest the fruit and wealth of knowledge accumulated from many lifetimes and remember.

Your mother; the fruits are ripening and the need to taste one's own hard laboured work.