TM057 - The Inner Sanctuary


Hello Son,

The Inner Sanctuary

The veil is slowly being lifted and many people are seeing the world with a different pair of eyes. Each day there is another angle to look and perceive things than ever before; perhaps another definition or explanation to clarify one's own curiosity.

This inner awakening is a reminder that the world has many alluring things to offer, but we will never keep any of them. Often the things that we crave for and some even argue their way of getting them; soon lose their lustre. Why is that?

We often reply to this as we got bored of them, but the true reality has set in. Your inner mind is saying the pleasure was short lived and it was not what you were looking for.

The irony of the matter is we go out and do it all again completing the same cycle only to feel the same disappointment.

The subconscious and one's link with our higherself to the soul and the spirit will never lose its value and increase over time. As there are many things to experience and learn and true satisfaction is making this connection.

The inner silence leads many to a new awakening and a new path of insight. This is like a discovery into an unknown which is so vast that entire galaxies can easily fit into the fathom of the mind.

This discovery in itself is another discovery.

Your mother; the inquisitive mind always finds the source when thought constantly.