TM056 - Mystery and Bewilderment in the Silence


Hello Son,

Mystery and Bewilderment in the Silence

The silences in meditation, contemplation and thinking have different levels of depth. This is dependent on the sublime qualities of the person and his depth of thinking. Upbringing and intellilect have an influence together with family genes.

But there are exceptions, when a devotee or learner has made an exceptional effort to reach a level of trust with the Lord; the boundaries change and the Lord receives him in His heart. When this is achieved He accepts his sacrifices and rewards his efforts.

Just entering into the silence and entertaining one's thoughts to decipher codes, messages and soul inspiration takes time to achieve. Many find it difficult to switch off the material world and all the chores of daily life.

Because as soon as we close our eyes they all come back in a flash to disturb our meditations.

Focusing on an object, when the eyes are closed or open and breathing deeply inhaling and exhaling for several minutes will make a difference. When we practice these exercises we calm down quickly and reach one's focus.

This practice requires discipline to eliminate the chattering thoughts and put to oneside of the mind.

However, in channelling silence is required to receive the download of messages. This too requires discipline in emptying one's mind.

But as soon as a spark or connection is made, messages, guidance to advice will flood in; but remember you must have this ambition in your heart.

A person learns quickly when we have the intense desire and excitement in him first. Only then the Lord will reward his efforts.

The silence is worth searching for.

Your mother; God rewards all and gives the correct amount back in this life and the hereafter.