TM055 - United is the World


Hello Son,

United is the World

God has never discriminated against religion, race or people; this is because He created all things. Mankind should do the same and follow His example.

Knowledge from a master from any religion or race has gained the trust of the Creator. If a person reaches this height he must then give respect to his teaching and listen as well learn what he has to say.

However, when we do read a particular message that may not resonate with you at a particular time; this will not mean it doesn't resonate with others.

Often message are revealed for a moment of time and period, but some teachings can live the test of time as they are appropriate for the period.

Most of all it is their wisdom and insight which shines through the words. It is the Divine words that have been dictated by the master's higher consciousness or God.

This year is special for so many reasons and most of all, people all around the world are making a conscious effort not to judge but accept different faiths and teaching.

This is the direct result of the Creator’s intervention to harness His energies to expand the mind, by doing so we have all become wiser and more tolerant than ever before.

We must also remember God has instructed these changes for a reason and we suggest that we all follow this advice for the benefit of mankind to survive as a peace loving nation.

Your mother; the energies will increase tenfold than ever before, such is the inspiration the Creator gives.