TM053 - The Real You is the Soul, the Twin flame is……


Hello Son,

The Real You is the Soul, the Twin flame is……

Now that you have all begun to learn quickly due to your expansion of the mind, we suggest that you keep learning to expand the mind further.

But it is the mind that can reflect images and scenes from the soul; if we remember the mind is only a translator and a screen.

From this we can deduce that the real you is the soul and the body is a garment.

If the soul departs from the body, all the organs remains intact; before they decay away. The eyes and ears and all of the senses do not operate, yet we say that the body and mind is the real you, how can this be?

It is the soul that departs from the body, and discarding its dress.

Therefore it is the soul that sees, hears, smells, feels and speaks, without the connection by a silvery thread, the body is nothing.

We know very little about the soul and now so many have direct contact and are able to communicate with it without any hindrance. It is this belief above all others, that man is learning to use the hidden senses for the first time.

The higherself is the connection we should make contact with.

Life is changing and the world is changing with it. They live in harmony with each other. It is time we come acquainted with our true self.

The soul is the real you, the higher self is your twin flame and partner.

Your mother; through this connection deep insight can be achieved.