TM052 - Deeper and Deeper


Hello Son,

Deeper and Deeper

To think deeply is to explore the chasm and secrets of the mind; by focusing and holding this thought without interruptions. Answers can be found and guidance can be received.

It is in depthness a spark ignites into life, we can also call this silence. It is in your own silence that an ignition takes place to your higher consciousness or twin flame. When this happens a circuit is completed and made.

What we focus on is what is revealed, often it is one's continuous thought on one theme when we begin to learn. Through passage of time and dedication the words automatically reveal themselves.

Learn to think deeply and hold on any thought with passion and submission; knowing that answer will come. In the beginning some will get confused with thinking and inspirational messages, but there is a difference; it is easier if you record your own message by writing it down.

In this silence with the help of your heart, the keeper of knowledge, understanding and inspiration will come. But remember it is what you are focusing on, that is important.

Those who wish to learn, listen deeply to yourselves and ask for a spiritual guide to teach you.

Your mother; you are the one.