TM051 - Looking behind the words


Hello Son,

Looking behind the words

Any person can read a book and learn through time the knowledge or topic one is reading; but to totally understand why the author has wrote the words and what his real message is, we must look deeper.

By reading even with an open mind of one's limited senses, there is minimal amount of learning before our mind wonders off at a tangent. This is not true in all cases; nevertheless the mind is so ineffective in concentrating we begin to daydream.

Often the words bring scenes into our minds and inspire us; but the case is we simply imagine and make these scenes and wonder if this is true or not, such is the mind after several days we simply forget the words even though we were inspired by them.

We can say on occasions that you have actually made a connection with the writings and it has truly inspired you, which is amazing and a wonderful experience.

We must remember to get inside the mind of the author and find the reason why and for what reason he wrote the words, this is a higher level of learning and insight.

We must ask ourselves the question which has still left many in bewilderment, why God created us. For this answer we have to be the mind of God to find the reason.

He knew in advance that his creation will come to a point when the questions would come, for this reason he has given the intellect and wisdom to answer this question in ourselves. This can be achieved and reinforced by our guides.

Your mother; through dedication and inquisitiveness the answers will come.