TM050 - Coincidence, not Really


Hello Son,

Coincidence, not Really

Everyone has had things happen to them that they do not quite understand or explain; some even do not bother and accept it as a part of life.

Let me give you an example, you are thinking constantly about a person wondering that you should phone them or want to see them; then all of a sudden they contact you or bump into each other.

Another example; you are hungry and want a pizza, this thought is constantly in your mind. It stays with you and you are still thinking about it, then suddenly someone comes and gives you a slice or offers to go out to eat one.

These are common examples in life that we take for granted, but how can this actually happen, or what made it happen. Some will say there is no big deal about it and turn the other cheek.

We remind you that the mind is also like a magnet which attracts things around oneself, if it is kept in the mind as a thought for some time. The universe serves our need and is compelled to grant the thought in your mind.

When a mind is clear and one's intention is pure and not based on greed or deception, then the energies work quickly in your favour. Try it for yourself and ask the Lord permission to try this out.

When a person has raised his vibration and continues to walk the path of other enlightened souls, then he is in favour of the Lord. He has gained your trust; if this is the case, then God will provide you continuously what your needs are. This is the reward from the Creator for inspiring yourself and making the effort to find Him.

There are no coincidences but it is the image you hold in your mind that attracts the object or thing towards you.

Your mother; your Creator has always been generous regardless if you believe or not; but the believer will always be in his trust. Think well of Him.