TM049 - Positive Affirmation


Hello Son,

Positive Affirmation

There is a reason over the centuries and present day people have positive affirmation, continuous prayer, reading rosary beads and tasbeeh. If you look back into history of all the Saints, Masters and Prophets all read for a period of time verses of the Torah, Bible and Quran continuously; until the Prophets and Saints introduced shorter verses to read before a prayer or even meditation.

This was to raise one's vibrations over the lower material limitations of matter. Once we tune into this environment we automatically release the conscious mind which becomes less active. The higher consciousness takes over and the soul narrates or provides inspiration from the soul.

Even keeping a thought, for instance, it is going to be a good day; and repeating this over and over again. We draw positive energy to our direction and the mind and body react accordingly. This becomes a stimulus of change and it is also deep rooted transferring this energy into the cells of the body.

These verses are here for a reason and they are to be used in our everyday life, because they do work.

It is only our poor and weak connection with God and higher self we are unable to receive guidance. But be positive as they do inspire and guide you to the desired place or action; whether we are aware of it or not.

These verses contain a mass amount of energy that creates an instant effect and circumstance. It is like an immediate signal being tuned and received.

Your mother; read which resonates with you and reap and harvest the rewards.