TM048 - Channelled Messages


Hello Son,

Channelled Messages

I am guiding you and many others who share these words of wisdom. Through our experiences we have learnt and hold many memories for all of you to read. More will be revealed where there is a need and when the time is correct.

Some messages fit the purpose and the collective consciousness at the time for it is needed.

Even a message can be channelled for a single person who logs on at the right time. We are aware of your needs and wants of the time; we see things at a different and higher level which you are all aware of.

We continue to guide and share light to you all so that you and loved ones to families and others who care about, can experience in your own ways.

But the aim has always been the same; this path is a gradual growth of the personal self, which we share with you. This will give you a good foundation and higher level of understanding.

A strong foothold can be made for you to venture out in your own paths of wisdom.

As the conscious level of the planet has been changing for a long time, many are beginning to understand.

Everyone has their own perception and identity and wish to do their own things which we accept and encourage. Let inspiration take you into a dream state like no other, for many have been in this dimension.

Your mother; your level of energy has increased as you let go of the baggage that has been holding you back.