TM047 - A different perspective to Fear


Hello Son,

A different perspective to Fear

There is a little voice that captures and breeds our imagination; this can be our everyday life or our mind just running wild.

To walk the path fear must be eliminated, as it is a stumbling block and hindrance to light. It simply darkens our mind and blocks our understanding.

When we communicate with God, angels, spirits, masters, ascended masters and higher and God self, there is no fear, we are predominately positive, but I do agree there is apprehension on occasions.

Trust is gained when the Lord gives knowledge to you in stages. We have to agree that knowledge can be misused and sold for vast amounts of money, leading to greed and inflating the ego.

This has been the same for everyone on the planet, past or present; even the Prophets from Moses, Noah, Krishna, Jacob, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed, we name a few; all were given the knowledge in stages.

I do agree also that knowledge or the type of message that was revealed to them was for a Divine purpose and within these messages was intense light. No ordinary person could have tolerated in any one moment.

But the mind must be free of any negative or simply free of any troubles.

As life gives us scenarios that lead to misgivings and fear; a person should aim to achieve a high level of positivity within their mind, body complex.

All the Prophets and Saints had to struggle through life living from fear from not knowing what was around the encounter.

We can call this spiritual psychology if you like, as the mind is in balance most of the time, can also reveal an understanding and perception unlike no other. The blend and mix of confuse can be controlled and understood, this can be set aside for a new you to wake up.

Like a butterfly that struggled through slowly in life at a slow pace, then when the time was ready it turned into the most colourful and attractive butterfly.

There is always an understanding and perception for all things; there is also an explanation too. But the mind and you must be understood and be set free from the fear that some have had in our lives.

I am testimony for this; I too struggled extensively with my inner fears, because I did not understand anything. Everything in life was like a maze, and I was taught to fear God and not to Love him. In my life some teachers said that questioning God was wrong, so I kept quiet, building on my fear.

In the fifties and sixties, life was challenging and being freshly married and having to struggle for a living was even harder to understand. But in this life of mine I had hope and faith. I do agree there was little but having a little was a start, yet I never gave up.

On occasions spirits of my past relatives would annoy me when I was a child and this added to my fear in later life.

But when I matured and we all have to grow up in life, I learnt and understood a lot of things better, when I soon became confident, this was the exact time when all of my children were born. In the chaos of rearing four children and you included, I became spiritually aware more than ever before; as though a light had been switched on.

This was the direct result of me praying, reading the Quran and tasbeeh (rosary beads). This gave me a good foundation to project me to a different level of understanding than ever before.

Slowly but surely revelations in dreams and prayers came to me until there was very little fear. If we understand the things, the things that stop our progress then we can understand our own strengths. Inspiration soon follows.

But I do agree, that often the Lord gives us this fear for a purpose. Yet it is mostly to wake us up and understand our deeper self and perceptions. Yes there are many trials and tribulations that give rise to many mixed and deep emotions. But to be understood by ourself is a start for better things on the way.

The imagination can create the fear and at the same time nullify them as well. We can create anything in our mind, but it can also ruin you when you are down.

You are much loved and cherished at this special time, and all of the Ascended Masters who guide, inspire and even reveal themselves to you; it is for a special purpose to let go of the lower limitations in life and see a higher aspect of oneself. This is what all of you can achieve through your own talents and perceptions through your own senses.

The wise one will say, stop not the light that shines your path, for the darkness will stumble your way to another and much difficult route.

There is hope in all things but it is only hope; when we strive and seek things out for ourself this changes to action and soon the universal energies will manifest this hope for you.

Be positive even when others are not. Strive for the things that you seek and see the wonderful examples in life that others are inspiring to.

From art to astronomy there is much Knowledge to be understood and gained; as the level of understanding has increased.

Shun away and turn your cheek when things become impossible to tolerate, knowing inside that you are right to be here at this time.

You are the witness and inspiration for all to follow.

Your mother; live in the light and cherish the things that you hold dearly; from this positive energy and wisdom will surface and be instilled and blended into your mind for you to witness and experience.