TM046 - The Ebbs and Flows of Life


Hello Son,

The Ebbs and Flows of Life

We think that we are not growing, or are in a situation where nothing is happening. This is not true, because you are not looking hard enough.

Many cry out for proof for what is to come, the proof is already here; for it is clouded by the mainstream media. It is better to research thoroughly to see the results.

But the satisfaction of knowing in the heart is the greater belief anybody can experience. For you know you simply know, the world and its charade have no effect on you because you believe.

It is this belief that you need to question, how deep is it now.

No need to question for this will come in ebbs and flows of life. The build up of experiences and realisation will come to a unity point and like an explosion the mind will become free.

For seek not proof until you have the faith to back it up.

God loves you all. For this reason he is coming to share his wisdom and rewards to you all. So let the baggage of the mind be thrown away to be replaced with light and imagination to create better things for yourself.

There are many distractions in life but you know better and where you should be at any one time. Your inner guide has led you to this place and many places to come. Trust is what is needed in everyone so build this up into a mountain, and see the results at a later time.

Have you worked out a new timetable yet, it is wise to do so my light beings, for this is the start and adventure into another way and higher aspect of thinking. Believe in your happenings and even in your mistakes, for on occasions they have deep meaning only you can translate.

Wisdom is everywhere, written in books or writing in walls of the past and present; but the wisdom that is in you serves your purpose. It is time for you to write and trust in your inner guide to give you the words and watch them develop quickly over time. Ask for help when needed. It is time to let the Divine flow in you to be released.
Your mother; we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord Creator, for this reason, he has given the same knowledge to Adam and you as well. Find the treasures and learn.