TM045 - All Knowledge belongs to the Source


Hello Son,

All Knowledge belongs to the Source

Before a word is spoken, a breath must be taken, thus completing a connection with our higher aspect of ourself. But behind this the Godself or spirit from the universal housing of all knowledge has made a connection to use the words it is going to be transferred to the mind.

Even before this also, the idea or inspiration must come from somewhere, it is from the Divine Source we call God.

For He is the One who inspires and keeps this connection complete.

For He is the One that guides and knows which direction we need to be heading.

When the breath is complete and we inhale and exhale we complete a circuit from spirit to matter and back again; a continuous inspiration that feeds the body and mind.

We begin to talk and the higher aspects of the breath leads to words and this leads to understanding. Just thoughts alone do not make words, but makes them incomplete.

For thoughts to be manifested, either communication or action is to be needed, by the one who has these thoughts.

Just keeping ideas in the mind will always be incomplete until an action is made.

A person with great ideas will remain frustrated and incomplete with himself, because he did not make them happen. He just thought things through, wondering and chattering with his mind if he should carry this idea through or not.

We have all been in this dilemma, for it is the fear inside that says you will be ridicule or made fun of. This is not true my much loved light beings. For these are experiences we need to go through to inherit a kingdom from God.

When the words do flow and the mind finds the clarity, we will all inherit knowledge but more importantly space and expansion of the mind will be gained. Understanding will follow and inspiration and dedication will always be your side.

Remember your goal of questions; why you were born? For what purpose do I serve this life? What should I be doing? Where should I be going now? How does the Lord want me to take my next step? How do I find God?
For all of these we forget that God is closer to you than your jugular vein.

But trust and having courage with yourself is the key, and so the door will unlock revealing the treasures you were seeking.

Your mother; the keeper and inspirer is the one who gave you soul and the curiosity to live and thrive in all dimensions.