TM044 - Losing One's Mind


Hello Son,

Losing One's Mind

No you are not; the opposite is happening, space is being created in the mind.

There may be a lot of chattering upsetting thoughts that continue to drain away your energy, but this is all prescription that is needed for making things better. If this is the case, so be it. We need to be strong and let these thoughts drain away from your system.

They may cause much anger and frustration, but this is what you are holding in your mind and chest. Situations will not change if your mind is so occupied with things.

Find the cure. If it means talking to someone then do so, to relieve the mind the thought that keeps recurring.

Man makes mistakes we all do out of anger and misconceptions.

Once you come to terms with yourself, clarity of thinking will return and the suffering and anguish will diminish. Love will pour in and understanding and patience will return.

There is no one answer for everyone as there are so many minds with different experiences. Nevertheless you each have a common goal of being successful in your own terms and ideas. Keep this dream alive and see where it will take you.

This determination will open many doors. All you have to do is make the choice that resonates with your inner psyche.

This experience is happening to millions of people, but there is a positive outcome. To release all of this baggage we will inherit a superior and higher aspect of ourself.

Your mother; let the train of thought take you for a ride and then drop them off. Then let another thought that inspires and excites the inner entertain and nourish the body, mind and soul.